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Five times Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wowed in matching hairstyles

The Duchess of Sussex and Princess of Wales’ ever-evolving styles have become the subjects of a running commentary in the fashion press and on social media. Both royals have met and diverged aesthetically at various points over the years.

In addition to Meghan and Kate’s fashion choices, their overall styling has become a widely discussed topic among fans and royal watchers, from jewelry to accessories and also hair.

“Princess hair” has become a label applied to both royal sisters-in-law’s styles over their time in the spotlight, from voluminous blowouts to modern slicked-back looks.

Amid the ongoing fallout between Meghan, Prince Harry and Kate and Prince William, when one wears a style previously worn by the other, claims of copying and style-stealing are raised by each fanbase. On this theme of pitting one royal against the other, however, Meghan has previously stated to fans: “If you love me, you don’t have to hate her. And if you love her, you don’t need to hate me.”

Here, Newsweek takes a look at five times both Meghan and Kate have wowed fans with matching hairstyles.

Princess Blowouts

The luxurious blown-out hairstyle with a gentle curl has become a regal trademark of both Kate and Meghan for public appearances.

This look adds volume to the hair through applying root to tip heat with a blowdryer, teased and styled with a barrel brush to create the curl.

Kate’s blown-out princess hair became a widespread beauty trend at the time of her engagement in 2010. For the official photocall announcing her marriage to Prince William at St James’ Palace, London, the future royal wore her thick brown hair in a blown-out style with layered waves. The look made the world’s front pages.

Ceremonial Chignons

For female members of the royal family, important ceremonial occasions call for important ceremonial hairstyles to match the pomp and pageantry of the events.

A core event in the royal calendar is the annual Trooping the Colour in London that marks the monarch’s official birthday. Each year, the fashions worn by Kate and (briefly while a working royal until 2020) Meghan were highly anticipated.

The outfits for this occasion include event hats, typically designed by Britain’s talented pool of milliners. To accommodate these hats, hairstyles must not only look good but also serve as an anchor point for the fantastical creations.

For these occasions, both Kate and Meghan have relied on updos, with their hair in elaborate chignons at the nape of the neck. Meghan’s approach to the hairstyle in the past has been more simplistic, while Kate has been known to add elaborate plaits, twists and tucks.

Asymmetric Award Show Waves

For red carpets and award-show appearances, both Meghan and Kate have looked to a unique style of Hollywood glamor in their hair styling.

Both royals have each sported lusciously curled locks draped asymmetrically over one shoulder for such occasions. These highlight not only the earrings chosen for the events but also presenting a more relaxed style while paying tribute to the importance of the occasion.

Slicked-Back Chic

Moving away from the blown-out princess locks and Hollywood glamor, Meghan and Kate have both experimented with an edgier, slicked-back style of dressing their hair.

The style sees the hair straightened from the root, reducing volume and often sprayed with a setting agent to eliminate fly-aways from distracting from the sleek line.

Both Meghan and Kate have utilized this look with a center-parting at the fringe, with the hair tucked back behind each ear, framing the face.

Low Bun, Hanging Fringe

The counterpart to the ceremonial chignon, Meghan and Kate have both displayed a fondness for its more-informal relation, the relaxed low bun.

Whether completely tied up, or “messy” with unpinned wisps of hair left loose, the bun has both practical and aesthetic benefits.

The style is one of Meghan’s most often-repeated, both for formal and informal events, often with two locks of hair pulled forward and left loose around the face.

Kate, too, has opted for this style, though the Princess of Wales has more often relied on the formal approach when it comes to her hair.

James Crawford-Smith is Newsweek‘s royal reporter, based in London. You can find him on Twitter at @jrcrawfordsmith and read his stories on Newsweek‘s The Royals Facebook page.

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