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Donald Trump mimicking Biden getting lost on stage sparks MAGA delight

Video of Donald Trump poking fun at President Joe Biden, which prompted laughter from the audience at a Republican event, has generated further mockery online.

During the California GOP convention in Anaheim, the former president mimicked the viral moment that showed Biden’s actions after delivering a speech.

Footage appeared to show the president getting lost on stage in September 2022 at the Global Fund Conference in New York. He lingered on the stage after stepping away from the podium and then turned around when he heard his name. On Friday, Trump referred to the moment during his address to GOP party faithful, telling them about “the guy can’t find his way off of a stage.”

Trump then turned around and tried to reenact Biden’s actions by walking around aimlessly. “Look here’s a stage,’ the Republican said. ‘I’ve never seen this stupid stage before. I’ve never seen it before. But if I walk left, there’s a stair. And if I walk right, there’s a stair.”

To laughter in the room, Trump added, “and this guy gets up, (as if to say) ‘where am I? Where the hell am I?'”

Social-media users shared the video, which, as of Saturday, had received more than 4 million views. The user Richard, @ricwe123 on X (formerly Twitter), posted to his 71,000 followers: “Painful accurate. Donald Trump imitating Joe Biden getting lost on stage….”

Conservative political commentator Benny Johnson shared the same video, posting: “Trump imitating Biden getting lost on stage is hilarious.”

“Hahahahahahahaha: Trump imitating Biden getting lost on stage multiple times. WATCH,” wrote Simon Ateba, White House correspondent for Today News Africa.

British journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan did not mock Biden, but in sharing the video, wrote: “Painfully accurate. If Biden insists on taking on Trump again (assuming Trump is GOP nominee)—he will lose.”

When the clip of Biden went viral, commentators, and social-media users questioned the 80-year-old’s cognitive abilities. The president’s health is under constant scrutiny, although the White House says Biden is fit to lead the country.

However, as a Newsweek Factcheck previously reported, the video of Biden needs context. While a shortened clip appears to show him walking uncertainly, a longer video shows how, after leaving the podium, he becomes aware that he was going to be needed moments later for a picture on stage and so stayed on the platform.

Trump referred to the incident as a sign that that Biden won’t be the 2024 Democratic nominee, although the incumbent is running virtually unopposed in the primary.

Trump, whose own campaign is complicated by legal problems, said that leading the pack to replace Biden would be the Golden State Governor Gavin Newsom. Trump described the Californian as the president’s “top surrogate because he doesn’t think Biden is going to make it.”

“There will be a lot of Democrats competing; it’s going to be very interesting,” added Trump.

Newsweek has contacted the White House for comment via email.

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