Monday, May 27, 2024
HomesurveyAmerica's Greatest Workplaces 2024 survey

America’s Greatest Workplaces 2024 survey

Newsweek partners with Plant-A Insights Group to rank America’s Greatest Workplaces 2024.

For the second year, Newsweek recognizes the greatest workplaces in America overall, and by state. The ranking specifically highlights the greatest workplaces for women, diversity, LGBTQ, veterans, job starters and work-life balance.

America’s Greatest Workplaces 2024 is determined through a large-scale independent survey of employees who work for companies employing at least 500 people in the U.S. Participants provide feedback and weights to individual statements regarding their employment experience across various companies.

The workplace study is comprised of three phases (target setting, main survey and evaluation). An initial survey of hundreds of HR professionals in the U.S. identified the most important drivers of employee satisfaction in the workplace.

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The desk research was kindly supported by Onclusive, the leading media monitoring partner with its world-class sentiment technology and PrivCo, a service that tracks private company financial information in a proprietary database.

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