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Dunkin’ giving away free coffee for World Teachers’ Day: How to get yours

Dunkin’ is giving away coffee in honor of World Teachers’ Day on Thursday, October 5, when educators can get a free medium hot or iced coffee with no purchased required, the restaurant chain said.

“The school year is in full swing, which means educators everywhere are working hard to keep their classrooms runnin’,” the company said on its website. “For the teachers who wake up at dawn, the principals working late nights, and the dedicated staff members making an impact every day – we see you and want to thank you with a much-deserved coffee break,” the company said on its website.

The giveaway applies to every type of educator, from a pre-school teacher to a college professor. No school or employee ID is required for the deal. You can get only one free coffee per person, and cold brews and nitro cold brews are excluded.

Still, eligible educators can add Dunkin’s fall flavor, pumpkin, to make it an even more special treat.

Fall Flavors

In addition to enjoying their coffee beverages with a little extra pumpkin flavor, Dunkin’ guests have an entire fall menu to peruse this season.

The autumn offerings include a glazed pumpkin cake donut, as well as Dunkin’s signature Munchkins with the same pumpkin sweetness. There’s also a pumpkin muffin topped with streusel and white icing along with pumpkin spice latte.

One of the additions to the menu for 2023 is the ice spice Munchkins drink. The beverage was launched on September 13 and will be available until Halloween.

It is frozen coffee with five layers, including Munchkins in the drink, topped with caramel drizzle and whipped cream.

Changes at Dunkin’

Some fans have been more critical of Dunkin’s store updates, including a controversial decision to switch up its rewards program benefits.

Traditionally, loyal Dunkin’ customers have earned a free beverage for their birthday every year, but this year, Dunkin’ decided to offer only additional rewards points instead.

The new rule stipulates that customers will earn three times the amount of points on purchases during their birthday, but it leaves out the complimentary beverage.

“The amount of free drinks Dunkin gives out and they can’t even give one on bdays is ridiculous,” a Redditor said about the change.

Some said the change is causing them to reconsider their coffeehouse of choice.

“Receiving a birthday perk is one of the reasons of being a rewards member. So the fact that Dunkin decided to do this as a perk seems like a slap in the face,” another user said.

“There are so many options they could’ve came up with. Like a BOGO offer, free munchkins, free donut, etc. Instead it’s making their customers go to other coffee chains.”

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