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HometravelInternet disgusted at plane passenger's seating position: "Tickle tickle"

Internet disgusted at plane passenger’s seating position: "Tickle tickle"

There aren’t any guidelines when it comes to passenger etiquette, but there are unwritten rules when it comes to sitting down.

However, one traveler seems to have broken them by sitting in an unusual position that has disturbed thousands of Reddit users. Poster u/ccrackacoldone shared a photo of the person in front whose foot is next to the Reddit user’s tray.

The viral photo has amassed more than 15,000 upvotes and over 4,100 comments, many of which are unimpressed with the passenger.

Former pilot Dan Bubb, 49, told Newsweek that basic courtesy and kindness go a very long way when traveling.

“It really comes down to common decency and respect for fellow passengers and flight crew members,” Bubb said.

Airplane Etiquette: 10 Rules of Flying

Bubb has shared 10 helpful tips aimed to help passengers understand what is expected from them when flying:

Passengers should not remove their shoes under any circumstances.If passengers are watching a television show or movie, they should use headphones.When flight attendants ask passengers what beverage they would like, the passengers should remove their headphones when responding.Passengers should not change soiled baby diapers on food tray tables. Instead, they should do that in the lavatory.When passengers are seated, even if the seatbelt sign is off, they should keep their seatbelts fastened.Avoid wearing perfumes. Even though these might smell nice, remember that you are in an enclosed tube with wings.Similarly, avoid bringing smelly food on planes.Pack lightly. Many destinations have laundromats. This will help cut down on the oversized carry-on bags.Remember that flight crews want to get home just as badly as passengers do. A simple “hello” or “how is your day going?” goes a long way. Also, complying with flight-attendant instructions is very important.Remember that flight attendants are there for your safety. They are not there only for passing out snacks and drinks.

The top comment read: “That’s a violation of more airlines unwritten safety procedures. Pretty sure when they offer you a drink you can point that out and they’ll do something about it.”

One user wrote, “Better order the hottest coffee and suddenly have a small spilling accident,” and another posted: “Tickle tickle.”

“People are so rude, inconsiderate, and disgusting,” a third user commented. “I would not take off my shoes on an airplane unless I had on footies or socks. And I definitely would not put my feet into someone else’s personal space. Who wants to look at her nasty feet?

“I think though in this situation I might take off my shoe and footie/sock on my left foot and put it on the armrest on the left side of her seat to give her a taste of her own medicine. Even though that’s gonna affect the person sitting next to her.”

Newsweek reached out to u/ccrackacoldone for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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