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Physiotherapist reveals the most effective exercises to burn belly fat

There’s less than 90 days left until Christmas, which many people deem to be the most indulgent time of the year and one that could have a serious impact on their waist lines and health status’. Newsweek spoke with Kieran Sheridan, a board-certified physiotherapist who’s got a wealth of knowledge in weight loss techniques and fitness hacks, ahead of the holiday to find out if there are any any quick and easy exercises that people could put into practice at home to stay trim after copious canapés or glasses of wine.

Sheridan, who’s based in the United Arab Emirates after founding the UAE’s largest physiotherapy supply store there, told Newsweek that there are five exercises that people can rely on to tone their tums from home.

The Left Lift

Firstly, he puts forward an exercise that he calls the leg lift. “This can be done for five minutes and from five to ten times. You can do this by lying down on the ground with legs stretched and hands are rested on the side,” he explained.

“Bend your knees so that the foot is flat. You must straighten your legs and take them straight up so the sole faces the ceiling and then you must bring it back to the floor,” he added.

The Toe Touch

Next, Sheridan suggests practicing the ‘toe touch’. This quick exercise involves standing up which can be really helpful with burning belly fat.

“The standing toe exercise is a type of cooldown method that is usually done before a heavy workout. It stretches your body to prevent tension or strain in your muscles,” the physiotherapist said.

You must then stand up straight while maintaining a straight spine with yourfeet together. Inhale, Sheridan directs, then raise your arms and bend down to reach your toes as you exhale. You can hold this pose for a few seconds and follow the reverse steps.

“You must do this three times,” he added.

The Standing Leg Lift

Standing leg lifts can also be a really great way to burn fat, Sheridan argues. The next move that the physiotherapist suggests is one that he describes as being an “easy ab workout” that can target tums.

“It can be used with a wall or chair for support if you cannot balanceyour body,” he told Newsweek.

To accomplish the move, you have to start off by standing straight and putting your hands on your waist or leaning them on a tool for support. Next, raise your right leg forward and make sure it has the same level as your abdomen. You hold it for one second and then lower your leg. Repeat the same process on the left leg and then do the movement ten times for three sets for it to be fully effective.

The Bicycle Crunch

Another ab workout that can aid with shedding belly fat is the bicycle crunch. This can by lying flat on the floor or on a comfortable exercise mat. Your lower back should be on the ground with your knees bent, Sheridan advises, and your feet must be on the floor with your hands behind your head.

“Hold your head gently with your hands and pull your shoulder blades back and slowly raise your knees following a 90-degree angle, which will lift your feet from the floor,” he said.

“Exhale slowly and go through a bicycle pedal motion, which will bringyour one knee up towards your armpit. As this happens, your other legmust be straightened and kept both elevated higher than your hips.”

“While doing this, you must rotate your torso so your elbow and oppositeknee can meet as it comes up. Then, twist to the other side, while moving the knee towards your armpit and the other leg is extended until your elbow touches the opposite knee,” he added.

The Squat Thrust

This last exercise is a kind of burpee-esque movement that helps you increase intensity while working on agility and endurance. You start off by standing with both feet about hip-width apart before squatting on the floor or on a yoga mat. You must then place both your hands on the ground in front of you.

“Next, jump the feet out behind you so that you are doing a pushup position on the hands and toes with the body in a straight position. Jump the back to start and then continue jumping the feet out and in,” Sheridan explained.

This move can be done in three sets for about a minute each.

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