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Video of gun-wielding Donald Trump on pickup truck at festival goes viral

A Donald Trump fan’s truck has gone viral, with the owner’s dedication to the former president earning him over 405,000 views on social media.

While attending the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival in Pennsylvania—also known as “GunStock”— on October 7, producer Ford Fischer recorded footage of the MAGA supporter’s vehicle. Along with decals that read “Drain the swamp” and “Death row to pedos,” the truck features an image of Trump in a historic military uniform next to the date “1776”, the year of the declaration of independence.

The 77-year-old’s recent mugshot was also photoshopped onto the head of a muscle-bound torso, alongside the words “Pray for Uncle Trump.” However, the most eye-catching decal is the one of the business mogul wielding a gun with the phrase: “Merry MAGA you filthy animal.”

The image is a reference to the 1990 Christmas movie Home Alone, when Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) is secretly watching a mob movie after accidentally being left behind by his parents.

Fischer shared the video to X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, with the caption: “They love guns, and they love Trump!”

The clip stunned viewers, with user Izzy writing: “Tell me it’s not a cult.”

“These people are sad and scary,” said @Mominsweats.

“Where do people get the money for this stuff?” asked Diana Prince. “I thought they claimed that they were all struggling working class blue collar workers who have been left behind by the economy?”

“That is so cringe,” said Smith, while SMB called it: “The most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.”

Fischer also shared snippets throughout his time at the festival, such as the firearms auction—which included a limited edition “Make America Great Again” AR-15 rifle—a Proud Boys booth, and a “concealed carry” fashion show.

Trump’s former deputy assistant, Sebastian Gorka, was in attendance at the event, where he received a Rod of Iron Award and a wooden American flag overlayed with Trump’s face. The 52-year-old media host also stopped by the Trump truck, where he signed his name under the “Pray for Uncle Trump” decal.

Despite his current legal battles—which include four investigations across Georgia, New York, Florida and Washington D.C.—Trump is still running for the Republican nomination in the current presidential primaries.

At the moment, the former president is the clear frontrunner. According to poll analysis site FiveThirtyEight, Trump currently is ahead with 55.9 percent, followed by Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis at 14.7 percent and pharmaceutical business owner Vivek Ramaswamy with 7.9 percent.

Newsweek has reached out to Ford Fischer for comment via Twitter.

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