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Joan Rivers called out Kim Cattrall for not using a condom

Less than a week after sharing her jaw-dropping new underwear campaign with Skims, Kim Cattrall has taken over Instagram yet again. This time, it’s due to a throwback clip with Joan Rivers, with the legendary comedian chastising the star for not using condoms during the peak of the AIDS crisis.

The interview took place during The Joan Rivers Show in 1987, and shows a 31-year-old Cattrall rocking a multi-colored prom dress and discussing contraception with the host.

“There’s so much more to find out about you. Oh yes,” Rivers says while grabbing Cattrall’s hands. “Birth control, we have so much to go into,” she continues, while the audience bursts into laughter.

In response, Cattrall covers her face in embarrassment, before replying: “I haven’t done that yet.”

“You don’t use birth control?” a stunned Rivers asks Cattrall, to which the actress awkwardly responds: “I’m very lucky.”

“But you must,” Rivers tells her. “Everyone must use a condom now, you must. Promise me,” to which the audience applauds.

“I will Joan,” Cattrall replies. “I want to live and make more movies and children.”

Rivers tells Cattrall to “think of that in a moment of passion and use a Trojan,” with Cattrall promising she will.

The clip re-emerged on October 8 after being shared to Instagram by @everyoutfitonsatc. The fan account is dedicated to all things Sex and the City—particularly the show’s legendary fashion—as well as its ongoing reboot And Just Like That.

Cattrall played maneater Samantha Jones for six seasons of SATC and its two movies, for which she won a Golden Globe, two Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, and a Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Award, amongst countless nominations during the show’s 1998 to 2004 run.

However, at the time of her appearance on The Joan Rivers Show, Cattrall was better known for starring in movies, which included acting alongside Jack Lemmon in the dramedy Tribute (1981), P.E. teacher Miss Honeywell in the teen sex romp Porky’s (1981), a cadet in Police Academy (1985) and as Kurt Russell’s love interest in Big Trouble in Little China (1986).

1987 was also the height of the AIDS crisis, which began in the early 1980s and had become a public health crisis by the end of the decade.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the resurfaced clip, with erin718 writing: “Joan’s not playing, she means it.”

“It was sincere and coming from a place of concern and love,” said cheekyfaerie.

“[Joan] was an early AIDS advocate so it fits,” wrote billiegeez, referencing the star’s fundraising efforts to fight the disease during her lifetime.

“What a legend!!!” commented loubelle30, while aleah.m said: “The whole conversation is just so sweet.”

Newsweek has reached out to Kim Cattrall for comment via email.

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