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"Love Is Blind" edits to Renee and Carter’s relationship raise questions

Love Is Blind fans have been busy speculating why Renee Poche and Carter Wall’s relationship was cut from the show.

The fifth season of Netflix‘s reality dating show is coming to a close, with many viewers scratching their heads about what happened to the couple.

Love Is Blind sees single people get to know each other while existing in individual pods and without seeing each other’s face. If they hit it off, the pair can choose to get engaged before meeting in person.

Renee, a 32-year-old veterinarian, and construction worker Carter, 30, were a huge hit on the show, but appeared less on the series as it advanced towards the finale.

People quickly flocked to social media to speculate what happened, especially after it was revealed they had applied for a marriage license and attended the traditional Mexican trip with other couples from the series.

Renee and Carter even made it to their wedding day, where he was told “no” at the altar.

But other than being spotted in some scenes, their relationship was cut entirely from the show. TikTok creator @storytimewithrikkii has suggested Renee already had a boyfriend when she entered the Love Is Blind pod.

The TikToker, who is a self-styled reality show expert, also speculated that Carter brought another women to the couple’s shared apartment during the TV experiment.

According to Rickii, Carter also threatened producers to leave the show if they showed his messy storyline.

Rickii claimed her source for the information was Renee herself, who also told the TikToker that she married a different man in March this year.

“I did ask her to comment on when she actually met her current husband and she refused to. She also said that it makes her very sad anything to do with their story being cut after everything she went through,” Rikkii said.

Newsweek contacted Netflix by email for comment.

One person commented on Rikkii’s TikTok claiming they were friends with Carter and even attended the Mexican wedding.

“I was at the wedding, they DID go to Mexico together and moved in together. They need to release their cut… lol it’s so good,” the friend wrote.

Renee also seemed to confirm she had been in a relationship with Carter when she posted a photo of her and fellow contestant Taylor to Instagram. Taylor was dating J.P, who alongside Carter were known for their American patriotism.

“Us wondering where our men were on January 6,” a text over the photo read, referring the insurrection on Capitol Hill in 2021.

Love Is Blind creator Chris Coelen had previously confirmed that several engagements were not “followed” this season and didn’t make it to air.

“Each season, there are lots of stories that we don’t tell, regardless of whether couples get engaged or not,” Coelen told Variety in September. “Some of them even, we will follow for a little bit and not show their story on the show… It’s a little bit of a judgment call.”

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