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HomenewsFrank Biden nude selfie: What we know as president's brother speaks out

Frank Biden nude selfie: What we know as president’s brother speaks out

The emergence online of a nude photo of Frank Biden, President Joe Biden‘s younger brother, has caused a stir on social media and put the Biden family once again under scrutiny as Republicans push for an investigation into the president and his close relatives.

A naked selfie of Frank Biden—one of the president’s two brothers, together with James—was shared on in 2018, as the Daily Mail reported. The website, which the U.K. newspaper identifies as a “gay dating site,” though it is not strictly for gay men only, is a platform for males to share photos of their bodies and receive comments in return.

Frank Biden, who is 11 years Joe Biden’s junior, said that the picture shared on the website some five years ago is his, though he denied posting it himself, saying his phone must have been hacked. The photo was first found by right-wing nonprofit group Marco Polo, an organization headed by former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler. It has long been focusing on finding evidence of alleged corruption within the Biden family business.

Republican lawmakers such as Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have pushed for the GOP-led House to launch an impeachment enquiry against President Biden.

An investigation by House Republicans into whether Biden’s son, Hunter, and brothers have used their relation to the president for profit has so far not produced any clear evidence of such misconduct. President Biden has denied discussing his son or brothers’ business dealings with them.

Frank Biden, who is 69 years old, said of the picture: “I’ve absolutely no comment. I could care less. I haven’t even looked at it.” He added: “They must have hacked my phone. Anything that is a revealing picture of some kind is between Mindy and me. I really don’t want to start my day off this way. Definitely didn’t post it anywhere.”

Mindy Ward, a former American Airlines flight attendant, is Frank Biden’s long-time partner, as the two have been together since 2010. In 1985, he had married Janine Jaquet, a journalist from Delaware, but the two divorced in the 1990s after having one daughter.

Florida-based Frank Biden is currently a non-attorney senior adviser for the Berman Law Group in the Sunshine State.

The picture has generated both anger and humor on social media. Some users on X, formerly known as Twitter, have called the image gross and asked the left to oust President Biden because of it; and others have complimented Frank Biden for being in shape.

It’s not the first time that the president’s younger brother has come under scrutiny. In October 2022, Frank Biden attended a medical conference in Venice, Italy, where CNN reported he allegedly agreed to give advice to a group lobbying the U.S. federal government. Both the group and Frank Biden later denied that had happened in these terms, with the latter saying he didn’t talk about the group with his brother or the government.

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