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Israel war map shows areas reclaimed by IDF

Israel said it has regained control over the Gaza border, as a new map showed the areas where it has reclaimed territory from Hamas militants.

The graphic posted on Tuesday on the X (formerly Twitter) account of War Mapper, which shares content about conflicts such as the war in Ukraine, shows where clashes have been taking place next to the border with Gaza.

Israel’s forces continued air strikes on Monday night, three days after Hamas militants staged a surprise attack on southern Israel from Gaza in the biggest breach of Israel’s defenses since Egypt and Syria’s attacks in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

The violence has claimed more than 1,500 lives, according to Reuters, and prompted international declarations of support for Israel, street protests around the world backing Palestinians, and appeals for an end to the fighting and to protect civilians.

War Mapper posted next to its map that 72 hours since the initial attacks “the IDF has regained control in all communities in southern Israel,” although “a small number of isolated militants remain within the country, and operations to secure the area are in progress.”

Areas where it said clashes were ongoing were by Karmia, Sderot, Mefalsim, Kfar Aza, Be’eri Ofakim and Magen, while the map showed that evacuations were taking place in 24 areas.

Another map, from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), showed how Hamas forces had infiltrated further into Israeli territory and their militant wing, the Al Qassam Brigade, had launched an attack into the Israeli town of Rahat around 20 miles east of Gaza.

“Hamas is expanding its incursions into southern Israel as Palestinian militias in the West Bank and Lebanese Hezbollah clash with Israeli security forces in the northern province of the country,” the think tank said on Monday. “The situation could expand the war to a second front.”

Reuters reported that Israel has been planting mines where Hamas militants broke through the barrier at the border of the Gaza Strip, which Israel has blockaded, raising the specter of a ground assault.

The Israeli military has called up 300,000 reservists and Hamas has threatened to execute an Israeli hostage for every Palestinian home bombed without warning.

Israel hasn’t yet responded to that threat. Foreign Minister Eli Cohen has said Hamas took more than 100 people captive during the cross-border incursion on the weekend.

Israel’s Air Force said it hit 200 targets overnight in the Gaza Strip. It has advised people there to leave via the one crossing that is controlled by Egypt, although it later said the crossing had been closed.

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