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Popeyes brings back Cajun-style turkey for Thanksgiving

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Popeyes is announcing the comeback of the Cajun-Style Turkey.

“We have perfected our pre-cooked Cajun-Style Turkey. All you have to do is thaw, heat and serve, so you can spend more time enjoying any holiday you celebrate, from Friendsgiving to Thanksgiving,” the company said on its website.

The turkeys will officially be available starting October 17 and cost a total of $99. The novelty turkey item first went on sale last year around Thanksgiving time as a ready-to-eat meal to save the stress of cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s also perfect for those who crave Popeyes’ special seasoning. Each turkey is rubbed with a seasoning mixed with paprika, salt, dried onions, dried garlic, and red pepper. The restaurant estimates each turkey can feed at least eight people.

There’s also a special deal available for those looking to eat the spicy turkey at their Thanksgiving table.

Customers will get free delivery whether they order online or visit their nearest Popeyes store for the holiday dish.

The turkey comes fully pre-cooked, saving shoppers the time and stress of cooking their own turkey so that they can enjoy the day with their loved ones. All shoppers must do is thaw, heat and serve, the company said.

Thawing takes approximately 72 hours in the fridge before your turkey can be heated four 375 degrees for two hours. Afterward, Popeyes encourages cooks to let the meat rest for roughly 20 minutes.

Keep in mind, the item is only available for a limited time as supplies last.

For those looking to score an entire Thanksgiving table spread from Popeyes, consider adding on the chain’s sides of mashed potatoes, biscuits and macaroni and cheese for a full meal.

Most turkeys will arrive within one to three days from the time you place your order, but if you’re preparing for the holiday itself, you should make sure the item is still available before driving to the store.

Fan Reactions

When the Cajun Turkey launched in Popeyes stores last year, fans flooded to the Internet with their reviews on the dish.

“I had it last year and I loved it,” one customer said on Reddit.

Another shared: “We had one last year and it was pretty amazing for just reheating a few hours…I highly recommend giving it a shot.”

Those who previously tried the Cajun Turkey said the leftovers made a delicious protein for lunch sandwiches later on in the week as well.

Other Thanksgiving Deals

Many other restaurant chains are offering Thanksgiving feasts to shoppers this year.

At Boston Market, guests can get a selection of main course meats and sides. You can choose between turkey and ham and add on some mashed potatoes, stuffing and apple pie. The entire meal will usually be $12 per person and feeds up to 12 people.

“When our online ordering was made available for pre-orders, we saw a significant increase in traffic and we’re continuing to see strong numbers of orders. We know Thanksgiving is a time when families want to sit around the table and not worry about having to choose whether or not to have dinner at all, so we made sure our prices were comparable, if not less than, the price of making dinner at home,” Joseph Alvarez, senior vice president of sales, catering and community relations at Boston Market, told Nation’s Restaurant News last year.

Bob Evans also offers a complete holiday dinner to go, and prices begin at just $12.49 per person for 10 servings.

Turkey or ham is available, and customers can choose sides like dinner rolls, macaroni and cheese and pumpkin pie.

Popeyes’ top competitor KFC also offers its own version of a Thanksgiving feast. The chain routinely sells ‘holiday buckets,’ which include 12-piece or 16-piece meals.

To meet the hunger demands of the Thanksgiving holiday, the buckets come with six cookies, three large sides and six biscuits.

“The holidays and KFC go hand in hand. There’s no better way to satisfy a craving for comfort and connection than by sharing a bucket of KFC with family and friends,” said Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer of KFC U.S., in a statement when the items launched last year.

For those looking to eat outside of their home this Thanksgiving, several restaurants will be there to greet you when your hunger strikes.

Applebee’s, Bob Evan’s, Boston Market, Cracker Barrel, Domino’s, Golden Corral, IHOP, Red Lobster, Subway, and Waffle House will be open this year on Thanksgiving. So no matter what you’re craving, there’s likely a store near you offering the perfect meal.

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