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MAGA "prophet" predicts major attack coming on U.S.

Pastor Julie Green, a self-described “prophet” and MAGA enthusiast, is predicting that the U.S. will soon suffer a major “attack” following the “persecution” of former President Donald Trump.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to a total of 91 felony criminal counts across four different criminal indictments this year. He frequently claims to be the victim of political “persecution” and “election interference” while he campaigns for a return to the White House in the 2024 presidential election.

Green claimed in a video shared to her Rumble account this week that God told her an attack seeking to destroy the “foundation” of America was imminent in the wake of “all the injustice” aimed at Trump. She said that the attack would ultimately be thwarted, as it would “backfire” on the country’s “enemies.”

“An attack is coming, oh my, United States, an attack like you never expected,” Green said while claiming to recite God’s prophecy. “An attack you haven’t seen like this before. No, not like this. An attack to destroy you, an attack to cut you off. An attack to kill your soul, an attack to destroy your foundation so it could never be built up again.

“An attack so big and so disastrous, there is no recovering from it,” she continued. “But this attack will not be successful. This attack will fail in front of your eyes. This attack will bring your nation together, instead of tearing it apart…This attack will end your enemies because it will backfire on them.”

Newsweek reached out for comment to Green via email on Wednesday.

While referring to a “David,” whom Green said was “obviously” a “reference to [former] President Trump,” God allegedly said that the ex-president would be “fully vindicated” and that his civil fraud trial in New York would “come to nothing.”

“‘To my David, keep your head held high my son,'” God told Trump, according to Green. “‘This fraud case against you will come to nothing. I’m protecting you and your business and everything that they have stolen from you I will give back to you in multiplication.’

“‘I will take care of it,'” Green added, still claiming to recite the words of God. “‘I will avenge you of all the wrongdoing…I am justice and I am moving on your behalf. Everything against you will fall apart and you, my son, will be fully vindicated and exonerated by me.'”

Green falsely asserted that “80 percent” of Trump’s New York trial had already been dismissed, repeating a baseless claim that the ex-president made on the first day of the trial before Judge Arthur Engoron shot it down in court.

The supposed prophet, recalling evidence-free QAnon conspiracy theories of blood-drinking Democrats being imprisoned or executed as part of a secret war with Trump, claimed that God told her unspecified “enemies” were already being “tried for treason” in secret.

“Treason, yes treason, will be heard over and over again,” Green said. “A line is forming that many are having to join because they have been caught and [sic] proof of what they have done against this nation. Many will fall, many will fall.”

Green said that her alleged prophecies were not “a conspiracy” because she was “just telling you what [she] heard” from God.

“These things have already started, we just haven’t seen them yet,” she said. “‘Oh Julie, that’s a conspiracy.’ But is it? God is saying these things, I don’t. I’m just telling you what I’ve heard. He said these things.”

Green has frequently shared alleged prophecies that she says were directly given to her by God in recent years, largely promoting a MAGA-friendly narrative and echoing claims that are popular among pro-Trump conspiracy theorists.

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