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Slain neurosurgeon’s Detroit mansion hits the market for $2.5 million

A mansion that was the site of a prominent neurosurgeon’s murder in Detroit has been listed on the market for $2.5 million.

Devon Hoover, who worked as a neurosurgeon for years before his death, was found naked and shot to death in his home this spring.

His body was found in a crawl space within the attic of the mansion during a welfare check in April. He was found to be shot twice in the back of the head and wrapped in a plastic sheet before authorities found him.

A few days after he was found dead, his car was located on the west side of Detroit.

Police say the doctor, who was employed by St. John Ascension, lived alone and was single, and now the seven-bedroom mansion will be available for potential homebuyers.

In addition to seven bedrooms, the mansion boasts four and a half bathrooms and is located in the Boston-Edison District.

The house itself sits over 11,000 square feet and includes a ballroom along with a 1,300 square foot carriage house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a space for three cars.

There’s also a greenhouse for potential homebuyers to explore if interested in the $2.5 million property.

Real estate agents expect a combination of market factors and the story behind the home could cause the house to be sold for a discount, however.

“It’s a big house and not everybody can afford it,” Tom Nanes, of Community Choice Realty told “Right now, the market is bipolar. It’s all over the place.”

And since homebuyers will know of the tragedy that took place within the mansion, they might not be as eager to fork over their money.

“This may be too soon for the creepy factor,” Names said. “Some people like notoriety. Some people can’t deal with it.”

Hoover originally bought the mansion in 2008. At that time, it cost just $750,000.

While there’s been no immediate arrest of anyone related to Hoover’s murder, police say they have a suspect and are “very confident” they will be able to provide justice for the family.

“We are very confident we are going to bring this family justice. We are confident that we are aware of the circumstances. We are confident in our suspect,” Detroit Police Chief James White said last month.

Acquaintances of Hoover’s were shocked by the violent killing, and his mother died just a few days after he was murdered.

“This man is nonconfrontational. He wouldn’t even evict a tenant who hadn’t paid in a year. This man had no enemies,” Hoover’s neighbor Jeff Cowin told ABC affiliate WXYZ.

“That man was an angel,” another neighbor shared, according to Fox 2. “He was beautiful. Everybody was shocked. My phone has been blowing up all night, I was like, no, no, no.”

The Home For Sale

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the mansion will find a new owner for its currently empty 26 rooms all across the two-acre lot.

The new residents can expect a library, multiple dining rooms and various other rooms for multiuse inside the mansion that rests behind an immense green lawn and entryway.

Chandeliers and dark wood frame the antique dwelling when visitors first arrive in the mansion, and a long-winded stairwell leads to several of the other rooms, which include dining rooms, living rooms and historic fireplaces.

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