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HometravelLaughter as hotel guest shocked by the room she was given: "I'm...

Laughter as hotel guest shocked by the room she was given: "I’m screaming"

A video of a hotel guest who found that the suite she was given was not exactly the room she had originally booked has gone viral on TikTok.

The clip was posted on October 1 by the Princess (@_itspiedy) and has received over 261,000 views. A caption shared with the video reads: “This has to be a joke…a conference room? @hilton this is not what i booked.” A later comment by the poster says that the footage was taken at a Hilton hotel in Blue Ash, a suburb of Cincinnati. The woman enters the room to find a long conference table surrounded by several office chairs, with a television on the wall and an adjacent bedroom.

The latest post comes as the demand for hotels in the U.S. is expected to surpass the levels seen in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. This is according to the 2023 State of the Hotel Industry report by the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

The U.S. hotel industry is projected to achieve 1.3 billion occupied room nights in 2023, marking a 56.9 percent improvement from 2020’s low of 831.64 million, the report said.

The rise in “bleisure travelers,” who blend business and leisure trips, and “digital nomads,” who make the most of remote working policies, represented a “significant shift in consumer attitudes and behaviors,” the report found.

Hotel spaces used for meetings and events were projected to “come back strong” in 2023. A report by AHLA Platinum Partner Encore showed that 70 percent of planners surveyed were either booking or actively sourcing new events, and 61 percent were expected to have larger budgets this year.

‘I’m Screaming’

The footage in the latest viral clip begins a person opening the door to the hotel room. The door has a sign saying “Sycamore Suite”. A note with Doubletree by Hilton signage reads: “Book event space with us. Visit the front desk to speak with a dedicated member of our sales team.” Another label below the note says: “Not In Use.”

Giggling could be heard in the background as a voice in the clip says: “I’m screaming.” The camera later pans to a bedroom next to the conference room.

In later comments, the poster said she laughed immediately upon seeing the room and has been cracking up all weekend.

In another later comment, the poster wrote:I was cracking up because we booked a double king suite with a pull-out [sofa bed] and i was like wait.”

TikTok user Cherica Jai wrote: “Worked at a hotel, it’s always the last room to sell & we let them know before they go in.” The original poster replied: “She didn’t even mention it all, which is why i was so confused…”

In a follow-up video, the poster said: “They gave me the wrong room… I booked a king suite with a pull-out sofa. A table is not a pull-out sofa…

“It was 3 am when my delayed flight finally arrived, i was sleepy so it was even funnier but they fixed it when i woke up,” the poster added in another comment.

The woman later shared another follow-up video, saying the hotel “finally did put me in the room that I actually booked.”

‘When You Mix Business With Pleasure’

The latest viral clip has led several TikTok users in stitches, with some even saying a room like this would be quite useful for work trips.

Annelise simply wrote: “When you mix business with pleasure.”

Dex posted: “Well, we got some table space for a get-together now??? I’m screaming.”

User @padrixe commented that the table is “for the morning after debrief with the girls duh.”

Timmy added: “As someone who travels for work with a team of 3 I would LOVE this. So convenient…” The original poster replied: “We actually did end up having a team meeting yesterday via zoom IRONICALLY.”

User @its_jojo_rainbow wrote: “wait, i’d loooooove this for conventions having meals with my group…”

Newsweek has contacted the original poster via TikTok and Hilton via email for comment. This video has not been independently verified.

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