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Kate Middleton’s "adorable" interruption goes viral

The Princess of Wales has become the subject of a new viral video, with the moment she was adorably interrupted during a maternity unit visit resurfacing on social media site TikTok.

Children and early years development are areas of working interest that Kate has become increasingly involved with over the course of her 12-year marriage to Prince William, launching the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in 2021 and the “Shaping Us” awareness campaign in 2023. The princess also became the patron of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance in 2022.

With these associations, Kate has visited a number of maternity units and charities around Britain, the most recent being to the Royal Surrey County Hospital maternity unit in October 2022.

Uploaded to TikTok by user on October 11, archive footage from Kate’s visit has gone viral showing the moment the princess was interrupted during a roundtable discussion with new mothers.

While speaking about support for mothers and newborns, Kate was broken away from her point by the small coughing of one of the babies present. To this the princess stopped what she was saying and smilingly asked: “Are you OK?”

The clip has been viewed over 250,000 times on the platform so far and received in excess of 4,000 likes and numerous comments, many of which have praised Kate.

“She is adorable ❣️,” wrote one user.

“Like- the most adorable interruption ever! She’s so great with children – they love her 🥰,” posted another, with a further comment reading: “Lovely in yellow. Amazing ❤️.”

Kate has seen her public profile increase over the past year, following her elevation to the senior royal title of Princess of Wales.

Announcing the new titles for his daughter-in-law and eldest son in his accession speech in September 2022, King Charles III said: “With Catherine beside him, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I know, continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to bring the marginal to the center ground where vital help can be given.”

One of the “national conversations” that Kate has taken on the task of promoting is dialogue surrounding early years development as it is linked to mental health, both of children and parents.

In January 2023, the princess launched “Shaping Us” which aims to raise awareness of the importance that the ages between pregnancy and five years old have in a child’s development.

In October 2023, Kate and Prince William further spotlighted youth mental health issues with a forum organized to mark World Mental Health Day. For the occasion, the princess made a rare keynote address.

“William and I continue to be inspired to see young people, like you all here today, leading this charge—being particularly brave in having some of those conversations yourselves,” she said. “As a generation, you value and talk more about your mental health than any before you—something we truly admire and applaud.”

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