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McDonald’s faces boycott for giving Israeli soldiers free food

McDonald’s Israel is facing calls for a boycott after it began providing free meals to Israeli soldiers following the outbreak of war against Hamas.

On X (formerly Twitter), users criticized the Israeli-owned franchise, with one writing, “McDonald’s providing free meals to the IDF, (the military forces of Israel). We should stand by our principles and take actions that align with our beliefs. Lets boycott McDonalds bcz Supporting companies that are involved in conflicts is wrong, especially when it comes to the loss of innocent lives.”

The poster continued: “Let’s raise awareness and encourage accountability from these brands. Remember, every individual’s voice and actions can make a difference in shaping a more just world.”

In a series of Instagram posts this week, McDonald’s Israel said it was donating thousands of free meals to Israel Defense Forces soldiers as well as hospitals. The fighting against Hamas began after the militant group launched a surprise attack on Israel last weekend. Over 2,700 casualties have been confirmed on both sides, according to the Associated Press.

In a caption to one post, translated by Instagram, McDonald’s Israel wrote, “Update that already yesterday we donated 4000 meals to hospitals and military units, we intend to donate thousands of meals every day to soldiers in the field and in drafting areas, and this is beyond a discount to soldiers coming to restaurants. We opened 5 restaurants that were open only for this purpose.”

Newsweek reached out to the McDonald’s press office via email for comment.

After Hamas attacked Israel with missiles and invading fighters last Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his country was “at war.” Airstrikes continue to be launched against the Gaza Strip, and an Israeli invasion of the region is considered likely. Israel has also cut off food, fuel and electricity to Gaza, where Hamas is believed to be holding Israeli citizens hostage.

Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz said in a translated post on X, “No electrical switch will be turned on, no water hydrant will be opened and no fuel truck will enter until the Israeli abductees are returned home. Humanitarian for humanitarian. And no one will preach us morals.”

On X, a user named Attockonians wrote: “Dear Pakistan, Let’s BOYCOTT McDonalds. Spread as much as you can.”

X user @NoOnesX_ wrote, “If McDonalds giving free meal to Israel Defense Force and not to those [affected] in GAZA then I think all Muslims around the GLOBE should boycott McDonalds.”

And X user Hassaan Bokhari said, “Boycott McDonalds! All McDonalds outlets in Pakistan must be picketed in support of Palestine.”

On Instagram, some commenters came out in support of McDonald’s Israel. “People are gold! Well done to you guys! Sacred work,” one wrote.

“Well done McDonald’s Israel,” another said.

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