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Mike Lindell slams "scumbag" Stephen Colbert for mocking financial problems

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has branded Stephen Colbert a “scumbag,” after the comedian mocked his financial plight on an episode of his talk show this week.

Lindell is involved in defamation lawsuits from voting machine companies Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems. Both companies accuse Lindell of severely damaging their reputations after he spread baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that Donald Trump was the real winner.

His baseless accusations that the companies had conspired to rig their machines has seen the businessman impacted by blowback. Major retailers have since stopped stocking MyPillow products, sending the company into financial disarray.

In July, Lindell said that his company had lost $100 million and that he was hit by “massive, massive cancellation” as retailers canceled their orders in response to his 2020 election allegations. American Express slashed the company’s line of credit in September, and his lawyers stopped representing him after he was unable to pay millions of dollars in legal fees.

Despite his mounting issues, Lindell vowed in a recent interview to “never settle” the cases brought against him even if it means his company goes bankrupt.

Addressing the financial ruin Lindell faces during an October 9 episode of his show, Colbert showed a graphic of Newsweek‘s interview with the beleaguered businessman, in which he said that he had “lost everything, every dime.”

Speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the comic quipped: “Soon he’ll have to change his company’s name to My Stale Crust of Sandwich. You know their slogan: ‘Get away pigeon, it’s mine!'”

Colbert then put on a fake mustache to impersonate Lindell, saying as he held a pillow: “I have to protect my company. No, no, no, I mean it. I have to protect my company, even if it means killing it.”

The TV personality then took another pillow and pretended to smother the other one.

Lindell was asked days later for his thoughts on Colbert mocking him when he sat down for an interview with Steve Bannon, former White House senior advisor to Trump and now host of the War Room podcast.

“He’s such a scumbag,” Lindell told Bannon of Colbert. “Did I spell that right? S-C-U-M bag. I could’ve said it of lawyers, this guy is even worse, Colbert.”

“He attacked my employees directly, making fun of them,” Lindell went on. “Gee, I want to protect my company, so I’m not going to continue with $2 million a month lawyer bills. I’m not going to let everything go down because of frivolous lawsuits and lawfare.”

Colbert and his audience, Lindell continued, “all laugh about my employees.”

“They have families, these guys have been with me for 20 years, we’re not going anywhere,” he said. “And I know when I watch this, it just, it just sickened me.”

Newsweek has contacted a representative of Colbert via email for comment.

To add to Lindell’s troubles, lawyers defending him last week claimed they are seeking to sever ties with him over millions of dollars in outstanding legal fees.

In a court filing on October 5, the law firm of Parker Daniels Kibort LLC said Lindell and MyPillow are months behind on their legal bills in three defamation cases, and they can no longer afford to represent him. The firm said continuing to represent Lindell could threaten the survival of their business.

Despite the fallout from not paying his legal representatives, Lindell praised Parker Daniels Kibort for representing him in recent years.

Lindell told Newsweek on October 5: “We haven’t been able to pay them [lawyers] for the past couple of months.

“These lawyers were courageous. They took on a case where every other lawyer in this country are afraid to take on any case against the electronic voting machines and the evil that’s out there. This was a great group of attorneys… and they need to get paid; and if there’s no money to pay them, they can’t keep going.”

Embattled Lindell issued a plea for donations on Wednesday, telling his supporters that some of the funds raised would go toward supporting Shasta County in its lawsuit against the state of California over ballot counting.

Lindell spoke to his supporters in a segment on the streaming platform Lindell-TV, urging them to donate whatever they could to the Lindell Offense Fund.

“That’s what it’s all going for, not for anything else,” Lindell said after asking people to donate, even if it is only $5 a month.

He told Newsweek that everything he focuses on is to “secure our elections.” He touted the importance of hand-counted ballots and said he was against the use of electronic voting machines.

Lindell said the donations would also help fund Shasta County’s suit against the state of California. According to Lindell, the county is taking the state to court after Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that limits a local government’s ability to count ballots. The legislation came less than a year after Shasta County terminated its contract with Dominion Voting Systems and counted the ballots by hand instead, according to a report by ABC News.

Shasta County rushed to cancel its contract with Dominion after unfounded election fraud claims surfaced. The new law allows hand-counted ballots only under specific circumstances, such as in municipalities with less than 1,000 registered voters during regular elections and less than 5,000 voters during special elections. Counties also are restricted from canceling their voting system contracts without a transition plan and approval from the state.

Newsom signed the bill into law last Wednesday, and it went into effect immediately.

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