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HomenewsRussian train blown up by Ukrainian partisans, cutting supplies from Crimea

Russian train blown up by Ukrainian partisans, cutting supplies from Crimea

The National Resistance Center of Ukraine reported Ukrainian partisans blew up a Russian train on Friday, causing a disruption of ammunition and fuel for Moscow’s military fighting in the Zaporizhzhia region.

The center, which operates as an information outlet under the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said in a Telegram post that supporters of Kyiv in the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol sabotaged a Russian train that is used to bring daily supplies from Crimea to Melitopol and Dniprorudne in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. The result of the attack was an explosion that reportedly damaged a locomotive and 150 meters of railway.

The incident is the latest in a series of attacks this year that have targeted Russian railways. Other high-profile rail sabotage acts include an explosion on a railway line in Crimea’s Feodosia region in June and a May explosion that led to a derailment suspended rail traffic between Simferopol, Crimea’s capital, and Sevastopol.

According to the National Resistance Center of Ukraine, Friday’s incident was the 10th successful sabotage on Russian railways carried out by partisans in the Zaporizhzhia region this year.

Newsweek reached out to the National Resistance Center of Ukraine and the Russian Ministry of Defense via email for comment on Friday.

The Ukrainian center said the train targeted on Friday not only brings supplies to Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s military personnel in Zaporizhzhia, but it also carries damaged equipment and stolen goods—such as iron ore, grain and other property—from Ukraine back to Crimea.

The center’s Telegram message said Russian troops surrounded the site of the attack after the explosion in an effort to conceal the sabotage took place while also searching for the guerrillas behind the attack.

The National Resistance Center of Ukraine indicated the partisans behind the attack are safe and that they have promised to carry out more acts of sabotage in the future.

Ukrainian partisans have been credited with key attacks throughout the war that Putin launched in February 2022. In August 2022, The Washington Post reported partisans were likely behind an attack on Russia’s Saky air base in Crimea that triggered at least 12 explosions at the facility.

Supporters of Ukraine within Russia also claimed responsibility for a wave of attacks in Russia’s border regions, including several in Belgorod.

In late-July, partisans were also said to be behind a mass poisoning during a Russian military celebration in the occupied city of Mariupol. According to a Ukrainian official, two Russian officers were killed and 15 other troops were hospitalized after partisans poisoned Kremlin forces as they celebrated Navy Day, a popular national holiday in Russia that honors members of the nation’s naval forces.

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