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Homemy-turnPeople cross the street when they see my American Bully

People cross the street when they see my American Bully

When I was 44 years old, I began to grow frustrated at not being able to find a loyal partner. I’d previously been in several failed relationships and marriages. I remembered that I was happiest when I was single with my first pit bull, Bane, who was a rescue dog.

But Bane didn’t stay with me for long. In 2020, I rented my home and moved in with my elderly parents, who hate dogs. They wanted me to remain single due to the financial losses I’d faced because of my failed marriages, so they agreed to let me get a family dog.

I really wanted a pit bull as I never had a better pet than Bane. I heard that the American XL Bully was similar to a pit bull as they are bred from the American Staffordshire and American pit bull terrier, as well as the bulldog. I read that some dog owners tried to breed the aggressive nature out of the pit bull to make a more family dog.

In December of 2021, I went to a breeder and they had one American XL Bully left. That’s when I met Ruben. The moment I saw him, I loved him and spoiled him as if he were my own son or daughter. I adopted Ruben when he was two months old, he was great with both of my children.

I made the mistake of being too affectionate with Ruben and not putting him in his own crate, so he is very attached to me. Now that he is fully grown, he has been such a blessing—I have been single for the last two years and am happy with having my children and Ruben around.

He loves my children, although he is too affectionate, my son does get angry that he gets licked too much! Ruben never leaves my side, and he is good with the neighbors and small dogs as well as all women and children.

Ruben gets along with most men but is wary of big dogs and some men. He does not bark much but is naturally protective but not aggressive at all. Ruben has never come close to biting any human or dog.

Some people cross the street when they see Ruben. One neighbor suggested that I be careful because “these dogs are dangerous” but I did not say anything. Over time, after getting to know Ruben, my neighbor really liked him and she now lets her son play with him.

I love Ruben as I love my children, I almost never leave him alone as he hates being alone. Ruben is a bit spoiled, as he was hand-fed till recently!

It is my firm opinion that there are no evil dog breeds, just evil people who teach dogs evil behavior. Dogs are as innocent as children are and will learn good and evil from their owners. It is wrong to punish dogs for human mistakes.

My son always wants to hold Ruben’s leash when we take him for a walk. He just turned six and argues he is a big boy now. I never let him, because Ruben pulls very hard; if he sees a rabbit or squirrel, he runs toward it and is hard to control for a child. I don’t think he would hurt another animal, but if he is not on a leash another animal might start a fight with him and I don’t know what would happen, so as a responsible owner, I keep him on a leash.

I am worried that American Bullies may be banned in Canada because of the attacks in the U.K., but personally, I don’t care what law they pass, no one will touch my dog. I will gladly give my life for my children and my dog, who I love as I love my children.

Pankaj Bedi, also known as Paul, is the owner of an American Bully called Ruben, who he adopted in 2021.

All views expressed in this article are the author’s own.

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